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Marvel Avengers Black Widow Gauntlet and & Baton

by Marvel

Ready, set, fight! With this Black Widow gauntlet and stun baton, kids can imagine battling like Black Widow with her incredible combat skills! Natasha Romanoff uses her signature gauntlet to disable her enemies with bolts of electricity. Black Widow is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing batons to stun her enemies and strike down the bad guys. Kids can simply press the button on the stun baton to watch it light up, and strap the gauntlet to their wrist to imagine charging into combat like the Black Widow herself. An elite agent and top ally for justice, Black Widow is ready and able to bring down the opposition – and with the Black Widow gauntlet and baton, agents-in-training can be, too. • Includes 1 gauntlet, 1 stun baton, and instructions. • Imagine joining the battle to save humanity like Black Widow • Stun baton lights up with the push of a button • Gauntlet straps onto wrist so kids can imagine gearing up like Black Widow • Ages 5 and up • X3 1.5V A76 ALKALINE BATTERIES INCLUDED See instructions